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Dr. Ayoib Che Ahmad is a Professor at the School of Accountancy (SOA), College of Business (COB), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). He has been in the academic line for more than 24 years and about seven (7) years in the industry. He has done extensive research in the areas of Auditing, Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance and, to date, has published more than 40 of his works in academic refereed journals and 14 chapters in book as well as edited five (5) books. He has presented over 80 papers in both local and international conferences. He is presently in the editorial board of three Malaysian based international journals. Administratively, he was once the Deputy Dean at SOA, UUM for a year in 2001 and the Deputy Director for Centre for Research and Consultancy (UUM) from 2002-2004. After that, he lent his expertise to UUM holding company as the Group CEO for 7 years and sat on the board of directors of four (4) subsidiary companies before returning back to the School in 2012 after successfully turning around the holding company and its group. Professionally, he is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Asian Academic Accounting Association (FourA), Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA), Australia and Asian Academy of Management (AAM). He was also the Deputy President of Asian Academy of Management (AAM) for one term and one of the pro-tem committee members of the Malaysian Accounting Association (MyAA). He serves as a Treasurer of the Asian Academic Accounting Association (FourA) from 2002 until present. He was appointed as a Council Member of MIA since October 2013 and currently sits on three (3) MIA committees. Recently, he was appointed as the President of MyAA from early September 2014 until present.

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To become a renowned global research center in strategic and sustainable accounting.


To produce theory-led, practically relevant research that addresses contemporary organisational and management challenges faced by businesses, public organisations, regulatory bodies, and policy-makers.


Our strategy is focused on creating and sustaining a supportive, collaborative, and vibrant research culture through raising the quality and quantity of research output.

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  Welcome to the Institute for Strategic and Sustainable Accounting Development (ISSAD). We are involved in research, publications, consultations and training towards strategic and sustainable accounting development. We aim to develop and explore the way in which research can enrich professional practices, as well as the way practice can stimulate scholarly inquiry.

Dr. Aidi Ahmi

Director of ISSAD

Research Priorities

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting

    • Accountability and governance in public services • Accounting Disclosures for Capital Markets • Accounting Education & Pedagogy • Social and Political Aspects of Accounting Standards • Financial Reporting & Disclosure • Financial Reporting, Transparency & Accountability • International Accounting Harmonisation and Cultural Impacts • Organisational Aspects of Accounting Reforms • Public Sector Accounting
  • Management Accounting & Costing

    • Activity-based costing (ABC) • Grenzplankostenrechnung (GPK) • Lean Accounting • Management Accounting Systems • Management Disclosure Incentives • Performance Measurement and Evaluation • Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA) • Throughput Accounting • Transfer Pricing
  • Islamic Accounting, Zakat & Waqf

    • Corporate Zakat Management • Disclosure of Shariah compliance • Historical perspectives on Islamic accounting • Islamic Accounting Development • Islamic philanthropy • Shariah Audit • Waqf Management • Zakat Compliance • Zakat Investment
  • Corporate Governance & Sustainability

    • Behavioral Accounting • Compliance on Corporate Governance • Corporate Governance Structure • Corporate Social Responsibility • Environmental Reporting • Ethics and Sustainability • Green Accounting • Non-Financial Reporting • Sustainability Accounting and Accountability • Trust, Accountability and Transparency
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