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2.32 School of Accountancy Kedah 06010 Malaysia
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Zaimah is an accounting lecturer at School of Accountancy (SOA), COB UUM. She joined UUM in 2004 as a tutor at Faculty of Accountancy. Her research interests include Corporate Governance, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxation, Auditing as well as Ethics. She graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with a Bachelor degree in Accounting in 2001, finished her Master’s degree in Professional Accounting, the MBA course, collaboration between Universiti Utara Malaysia and CPA Australia in 2003 and completed her PhD study in 2015 from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Besides that, she also holds few professional qualifications which enabled her to offer consultation services to communities at large. She is a chartered accountant recognized by Malaysian Institute of Accountant in Malaysia (C.A.(M)), certified public accountant (CPA) recognized by CPA Australia and she’s also certified financial planning (CFP), recognized by Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM). She experienced two significant responsibilities in giving financial consultation. She was appointed as personal financial consultant to create awareness among local rural community in Kedah Malaysia (ITU-UUM) in 2010 and she was held responsible by Central Bank of Malaysia to provide personal financial planning to youngsters in long term projects under government’s organizations from 2007-2010. Zaimah has previously held different positions in industries as well as academia. She has a reasonable amount of experiences in a few related fields, such as accounting, auditing, and financial. She used to gain an experience as an auditor and account executive before joining UUM in academic field. She had experiences in writing books and journals.

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